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Growers and Exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Export Services

We are growers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables company- based in Nairobi-Kenya. We can supply you the best quality, enough quantities all year round and the best prices.  Our main services is to process fruits and vegetables destined for export  by observing hygienic protocols as specified by relevant certification authorizes nationally and internationally.  We pack from our own pack-house with all the supermarket quality and safety standards, hygiene requirements and we are Eurepgap certified. Our products are sourced mainly through contracted small scale farmer groups but under supervision of our qualified agronomist. We are working through the small farmer groups to try and uplift their standards of living and try to help the government initiative to eradicate the poverty which represents 70% of the population as per the recent study undertaken by UNDP in the country.
We are currently shipping to France, Belgium, London, Holland, Dubai, Djibouti, and South-Africa among others. We are looking forward in doing business with you.


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